Saturday, 15 July 2017

SIMS 2: Links to Bootylicious and MoD

These were taken down so I could organise them.

Pics for the MoD are in the link

Here's a link to the Bootylicious CC

Here's a link to BobbyTH's Bootylicious Skins and Nude Meshes 
Morphs, Nude Top & Bottom and Skintones - AF & TF

Here's a link to the MoD CC

Credit goes to BobbyTH and Chris Hatch and to all those creators who clothing and shoes that were used to make these meshes.

You can find more outfits by Loonie at Back Alley Sims  - Unable to provide link but look for the Loonie Bin section.

Normal TOU applies as BAS is closing - Please give credit and share where I'll be able to download - Thanks also No Paysites

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